Killiney Hill Park

Killiney Park, which was once part of the Killiney Castle Estate, first opened in 1887 under the name Victoria Park in celebration of Queen Victoria’s 50th year on the throne.

Killiney Hill Obelisk

The natural landscape of Killiney Hill Park is very impressive, with visitors enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the sea views as well as woodland trails through the park. The highest point in the park is at located at the obelisk, which is 170 metres above sea level. From here, there are spectacular views of the whole Dublin coast from the Wicklow/Dublin Mountains. On a clear day the Mourne Mountains in Co. Down can even be seen.

Roughly 50% of the park consists of mature woodland with a variety of trees. These include Sessile Oak, Beech, Pine and Sycamore. There is also a local variety of ragwort growing within the park. This is known as ‘Dalkey Ragwort’. Over 200 native plant species have been recorded around the Killiney and Dalkey Hill area. Some species include Silver and Common Ragwort, Burnet Rose, Sea Spleenwort, Rock and Golden Samphire.

Killiney Park Hill and the surrounding area is rich with wildlife, especially birds, for example Chiffchaffs and warblers.

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