Boole, Lucy Everest

Lucy Everest Boole (1862-1905)

Lucy Everest Boole a chemist, was the fourth daughter of the mathematician George Boole and was born in Blackrock, in Cork. She was a chemist and was the second woman to pass the London School of Pharmacy's major examination in 1888 and was the first woman to formally do research in pharmaceutical chemistry. She was assistant to the chemist Wyndham Dunstan, Professor of Chemistry to the Pharmaceutical Society. Her method of analysis of tarter emetic was the official method of assay until 1963.

Lucy Boole lectured at the London School of Medicine for Women, and was the first woman Professor of Chemistry at The Royal Free Hospital in London. She was a Fellow of the Institute of Chemistry. Lucy Boole never married and lived with her mother until her death in 1904.

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